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Roofline Motherwell

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Motherwell.

The benefits of a well-maintained roofline on a Motherwell property

Your property, as the saying goes, is your castle. It is the place where you are safe from predators and the effects of the weather. It protects you against cold, and provides shade from the sun.

In order to carry on protecting you, your property needs to be well-maintained and looked after. From making sure that everything works well, to keeping it looking good. There are many benefits to a well-maintained roofline at a Motherwell property…

  • Visual appeal – the outside of your property creates the first impression that people have of your property. There are all kinds of things that can attract or detract from a favourable first impression. The roofline on your Motherwell property is one of this factors. Guttering and boards that are well-kept and maintained look good but they also function as they should, and this negates a whole raft of potential issues.
  • Stops unsightly marks and stains – we have all seen how rainwater, when it has been allowed to seep down an exterior wall for a period of time, with stain or mark the wall with a green tinge. This is to do with the detritus in the water and is a stain that can soon begin to form. This can happen because the guttering of a property is either leaking or there are sections missing.
  • Stops damp and condensation in the home – although we are all being encouraged to insulate our homes, a property still needs to be able to breath. This means allowing the warm, moist air that we create through breathing, talking and so on can escape from the interior of our home. Opening the window is one way of doing this but the roofline can also be part of this breathing. By maintaining the roofline, warm mist air is not allowed to accumulate in the attic.
  • Stops serious damp issues – many people on seeing a damp issue in their home will immediately assume that there is an issue with the damp course. This is the protective barrier around the foundation level of a property that prevents it from soaking up moisture. However, an insure roofline could be allowing water into the loft space which means that damp issue could become a real issue.
  • Prevents foundation heave – the worst case scenario, when guttering is virtually non-existent on a property, it can lead to the ground around the foundations of the home being saturated with water. This can cause the foundations to push upwards causing damage in the building that can cost thousands to repair.

is the roofline on your Motherwell home in need of repair or maintenance?

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