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Roofline Newton Mearns

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Newton Mearns.

Every time it rains, what does the roofline on your Newton Mearns home do?

Whenever there is a torrential downpour, what happens? Do you make a run for it, dodging the rainwater that is cascading down off the roof of your home, missing the guttering and landing on the ground right by your front door?

Or do you barely notice it?

In some ways, the right answer is that you do not notice that there is an issue with the roofline on your Newton Mearns home.

But on the other hand, just because it seems to be functioning OK, does not mean that everything is perfectly fine…

Incorrectly fitted guttering

Guttering should not be level. There should be a minimal incline from one corner, leading to the nearest downpipe. However, this incline should be literally degrees and not an obvious slope. Too much of an incline, and the rainwater will run too fast down the gutter, overwhelming the down pipe at the end.

Not enough clamps

The gutters do an important job but not many people realise how heavy rainwater can actually be. Especially if there is not enough of a slope on the gutter. Water will pool as a result, collecting in an area of the guttering that in cold, icy weather can freeze.

As this lump of ice thaws, it expands pushing against the side of the guttering. This can cause plastic guttering to crack and therefore it will leak. It can also affect metal guttering too, eventually.

Rotting boards

Bargeboards, soffits and fascia boards on some older properties tend to be made from wood. This is again, a robust material that can last for many years, even longer if it is painted or varnished on a regular basis.

Eventually, however, through age and weather, the wood will rot. This means that it loses its strength and integrity thus, the guttering that is attached to the fascia board will eventually pull away with the weight and movement of water cascading through it.

The roofline is functionally important and aesthetically important too

The roofline is the profile of your home. It is the bits and pieces that give the finish to edges, which is not only functional – keeping the weather out, for example – but is also about the appeal of a property.

When the roofline is in need to attention, it can make the outside of your property look ‘messy’ and - dare we say it? – uncared for too.

However, if you think that this all sounds like an expensive repair job then you would be wrong. Why not find out how well priced maintaining and replacing the roofline components at your Newton Mearns home actually is?

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