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Roofline Rutherglen

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Rutherglen.

Think there is a problem with the roofline of your Rutherglen home?

You need to take action quickly to not only determine if there is a problem, but to have it repaired. Allowing the weather to penetrate on and in to your property will lead to more expensive damage in the longer term.

If you haven’t looked at the roofline of your Rutherglen home in recent weeks or months (or years!), then follow our quick guide to checking it.

Our five step guide to checking your roofline

Step 1: Get in the roof space

If you have an attic or loft at your property, take a moment or two to check inside it. You can do this from a ladder and using a powerful torch to look around the space. If you enter your loft space, take care to stand on the rafters and not in-between if your loft does not have a floor.

What you are looking for? Take care to spot tiny holes and other kinds of damage to the roof. You should not be able to see any daylight in the loft, unless you have a window in the roof!

Step 2: Step outside

Look at each of the roofline components of your Rutherglen home in turn:

  • Drainpipes – are they secure and not leaking?
  • Guttering – are they complete, with no missing section? Are there any cracks or leaks?
  • Fascia boards – these are the boards on to which the guttering is attached. If you have wooden boards, check that they are not rotting. Plastic fascia boards may be more weather resistant, but can still be damage
  • Soffits – these are the boards that can be fixed to the underside of the roof, by the fascia boards – are these is a good state of repair?
  • Bargeboards – these are the boards, either plastic or wooden, that run along the edge line of the roof from guttering level to the apex of the roof. Again, are they complete and in a good state of repair?
  • Cladding – some Rutherglen properties will have a roofline that also has cladding. This can be plastic or wood, and like all the other components should be complete and in a good state of repair.

Step 3: Notice a few issues?

In some cases, when there are issues spotted, you may need part of the roofline on your Rutherglen home repairing or replacing.

The good news is that each component is standalone – in other words, the bargeboard can be replaced without replacing the guttering and so on.

Step 4: Update the whole look of your property

Older properties tend to have wooden components that need to be painted in order to withstand the weather. But plastic components are more or less maintenance free, including guttering and drainpipes.

Step 5: Call in the professionals

Working on the roofline can mean working at height which is why to be safe, and ensure a good level of repair, call in the specialists – call us!

For FREE information and advice about our roofline solutions, contact S&D TODAY!

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