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Roofline Shawlands

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Shawlands.

The importance of the roofline at your Shawlands home

It is, in most cases, an often forgotten part of the home when it comes to maintenance, updating or repair. And yet, it is a vitally important aspect of your home; the roofline on your Shawlands property is incredibly important. And here’s why…

The roofline components – the fascia boards, the gutters, soffits, cladding and so on – all work together to seal your home against all kinds of threats.

  • Weather

Rain, ice, snow, hail, sun, wind… they all take their toll on the outside of your home. From time to time, they can cause damage too but most people are more concerned with their roof. Whilst looking after your roof is clearly a priority, a leaking guttering or a rotting fascia board is just as important.

The roofline effectively seals the edge of the roof, preventing weather from accessing the inside of the roof space. This can cause damp within the building, if the weather was able to get inside.

  • Pests

It is hard to imagine what the roofline at your Shawlands home has to do with preventing pests from entering your home. By sealing your property, it means that birds, squirrels and some other pests, such as fleas, moths and beetles etc., cannot gain access to the roof space.

Although pests are not ken on sharing their space with humans, neither are they keen at being at the mercy of predators. Therefore, they look for a safe place to nest – and if they can gain access to the roof space of a property because a soffit or fascia board is missing, they will do so.

  • Channelling rain water from the foundations

Of all the different types of weather than can be thrown at your home, rainwater is the one that frequently causes the most damage.

The weight of rain on the roof, especially during a severe downpour can be enormous. As a result, most roofs slope so that rainwater can quickly and easily run of the surface. However, allowing this rain to soak the ground around the property can lead to the foundations becoming waterlogged.

Sodden foundations mean that they will heave and move. However, to put your mind at rest, this does not happen immediately but rather over a period of time. If the guttering the roofline of your Shawlands is leaking or damaged, then have it repaired sooner rather than later!

The roofline of your Shawlands home performs importance tasks – help it out by keeping it in tip top condition!

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