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Roofline Uddingston

S&D provide a full roofline supply and installation service to customers in Uddingston.

Maintaining the roofline on your Uddingston home

The roofline on your property is important. Without it, the interior of your home would be severely compromised. Here’s how:

Seals the property

The roofline of your Uddingston homes seals your property against the weather. This is important for many reasons:

  • Rainwater seeping into the roof space can lead to rotting of the timber roof trusses. This structure not only holds the roof up; they also provide strength to the outer walls of a property.
  • Rain, ice etc. that gets into the roof space can also cause damp as well as issue of condensation. This is not good when condensation is resting on electrical cables and wiring.
  • Damp in rooms directly beneath the roof space can also show signs of damp, especially if the rain accessing the roof is falling directly onto the floor area.

Keeps out pests

Squirrels prefer to nest in woodland but, when it is very cold or they come across a roof space that is accessible, they will make their way inside. They gnaw the roof timbers as well as electrical cables; they are also incredibly noisy. When a bargeboard or soffit needs replacing, squirrels are able to gain access – and remember, this hole only needs to be as big as their head!

Leaking gutters

The guttering system is also part of the roofline of your Uddingston home. These are the channels that funnel away rainwater as it cascades off the roof surface. This water should be quickly and efficiently channelled away from your property, either into storm drains (sewers) or into rain harvesters etc.

Water running down the side of your property is not good for three reasons:

I. Staining – rainwater that is allowed to trickle down an exterior wall for any length of time will discolour the wall, leaving a green or unpleasant looking brown stain.

II. Damp – again, water that is allowed to sit on or run down exterior walls will eventually seep through the outer layer and cause damp inside the home.

III. Foundation heave – over a longer period of time (years as opposed to months) the ground around the property can become saturated. This causes the foundations to heave upwards, causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage that will need to be rectified.

Keeps your property looking great

A well-maintained roofline at an Uddingston property can make all the difference to how pleasing the exterior of your home looks too.

If you need the roofline at your Uddingston home replacing or maintaining,  contact S&D today.

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